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Truths About Sustaining Your Mentoring Program


Remember these watchwords:

  • §      After launching your program, the work has only begun. Do not make the mistake of believing that the hard work of planning and setting things in motion is enough. Running a successful mentoring system takes stamina and constant dedication.
  • §      It is tempting to concentrate most of your attention on finding great mentors. But it is actually more important to find great mentees, people who are open and committed to learning and growing through the risky business of trying new ways of thinking and acting.
  • §      Take specific actions to provide ongoing support for the pairs. Plan such periodic follow-up activities during the mentoring period as refreshers and solicit feedback from the mentoring pairs. It is essential that they are convinced that your mentoring coordinator and committee are committed to their success.
  • §      Never start a mentoring program with the thought of eventually shutting it down. If you are thinking about the ending of mentoring, you’ll never do a great job of beginning it.