Archive | November 2012


Mentees often say to us, “I really liked my mentor, but looking back, I   think I should have been challenged more.

I don’t really know if my mentor had any particular wish for me, something I was supposed to ‘get’ for sure.”

Here are a couple of questions about how to become a more challenging mentor:

  1. Get to know your mentee. Spend some time.  Get a sense of confidence or under confidence; understand what is uncomfortable, to be avoided, or what the mentee fears.
  2. Tap your own knowledge of what’s proved important to succeeding in the organization–because of your experience or observations of others.
  3. Identify actions, efforts and attriburtes your mentee could use to succeed in the environment.
  4. Involve him or her in deciding what he or she needs to ‘get’.
  5. Stir in your take on what your mentee could work at to ‘get it’.