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HIGH FIVEHere are five ways to be an Empowering Mentor:
1. Sometimes letting your mentee struggle can be the best lesson of all–it’s not your role to solve his or her problems.
2.Focus on the person, not the problem. Your job is not to rescue; it is to develop the person–concentrate on your mentee’s developmental needs.
3.Give guidance: not solutions. You can play devil’s advocate; challenge assumptions; share related experiences.
4.Know when to give advice. Sometimes your mentee really does need advice. Help your mentee choose what’s best to develop him or herself,from a range of possible approaches.
5.Provide follow-up. The after-chat goes beyond how your mentee addressed the problem and actually captures the learning–some of which will be useful in other situations.
By using this “high five” you create opportunities for lifelong learning!