Difficult Conversations

Difficult Conversations
Most of us have a tendency NOT to directly address a problem we’re having with another person. We typically talk to others about how “so- in- so“ is making life difficult or not providing us with something we need. We often love to ventilate and make ourselves feel that we are right and the other person is wrong. Usually this ventilation does nothing at all in terms of improving the situation or relationship with the person at the center of the problem. Here’s where having a mentor can be valuable.
As a mentee you can find discussing such interpersonal conflicts with a mentor can be rewarding. If you decide to do this, you should make sure that your mentor knows that you don’t just want to vent, but that you want your mentor to help you THINK through the issue. Then you’re better prepared to have a difficult conversation with another party. You want your mentor use all his or her mentoring skills, such as level two listing and asking powerful discovery questions. These help you think through the issue so you can come away with a commitment to actually HAVE the difficult conversation, ONE-ON-ONE.

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Perrrone-Ambrose Associates specializes in assisting organizations of all sizes and missions to provide mentoring to their employees at every level. We accomplish this by creating mentoring systems and training strategies and programs for mentors and their mentees in establishing helping relationships. We started this blog with objective of sharing what we continue to discover about the mentoring process and by providing a clearinghouse for sharing our readers' experiences in the world of mentoring.

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