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GLOBAL MEETINGSome outstanding mentoring meetings have taken place at-a-distance. The call between a mentoring pair that keeps them both on-board and focused can be part of the great mentoring adventure. If you must mentor at-a-distance, that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve powerful results—especially if you’re both prepared. And good questions can make a world of difference.
For example, what is the real time can you give the protected phone meeting? What are the mentee’s goals for growth now? What do you want to achieve by the end of the phone call? Was there important learning in a recent past experience? What do you both hope for next? What does the mentor see for the mentee? And what does the mentee see for him- or herself next?

If you have to make your mentoring meeting by phone, listen for understanding, including silences and feeling clues in the conversation. Build on ideas and push for specifics and don’t forget to summarize for each other before you sign off. Wherever you are in the world, intentional mentoring helps push the envelope for success.