CALENDARThe beginning of the year is always the time for setting intentions, making promises to self. The world of mentoring is no different! Now is the time to promise yourself that you will find that mentor to help you move to the next phase of your career; or “use” that mentor better than ever before. If that’s your train of thought, you do need the calendar in front of you: regularly scheduled meetings are a must! The regular meeting helps measure movement in your life, so make and keep that resolution. And If you had a great meeting with your mentor this month, feel free to share a highlight here, for others to catch inspiration.

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About Mentoring Moments

Perrrone-Ambrose Associates specializes in assisting organizations of all sizes and missions to provide mentoring to their employees at every level. We accomplish this by creating mentoring systems and training strategies and programs for mentors and their mentees in establishing helping relationships. We started this blog with objective of sharing what we continue to discover about the mentoring process and by providing a clearinghouse for sharing our readers' experiences in the world of mentoring.

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