Generally speaking, we social humans want to know what others REALLY think of us. This is especially true about mentees. You can make it easier for your mentor to be frank with you if you ask for specifics. Examples like: “I’m not sure I did everything I could have on that. What’s your take on it?” or “Tell me one thing I can do more of—or begin doing—that would be an improvement” or “How about something I should do less of—or stop doing?” or “I wonder if I got locked into old ways of thinking on that? What would you say?”
When you ask in such a specific way, your mentor will HAVE to respond with specifics.

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About Mentoring Moments

Perrrone-Ambrose Associates specializes in assisting organizations of all sizes and missions to provide mentoring to their employees at every level. We accomplish this by creating mentoring systems and training strategies and programs for mentors and their mentees in establishing helping relationships. We started this blog with objective of sharing what we continue to discover about the mentoring process and by providing a clearinghouse for sharing our readers' experiences in the world of mentoring.

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