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obstacle course

If you’re being mentored, but you start giving yourself limiting messages,

here are a few tips to “un-block” your brain.

Pause and listen to your own self-talk. Then ask:
—what would you have if you didn’t think of yourself in limiting ways?
—how would you like to think about yourself, instead?
—what’s a first step you could take in breaking down one block in the way of your goal?
—how will you feel when you achieve your goal?
Now take those blocks down one by one and see yourself over the top of your obstacles!

Let us know how you did it!


Sometimes mentees ask us how to have a GREAT meeting with a mentor.

Here are quick tips to help you wrap up a really satisfying experience:
*Make an agenda that will help you talk 80% of the time.
*Share progress on projects and challenges
*Agree on commitments to act upon before next meeting
*Never judge or blame: keep the tone informal and open.
*Rate your meeting together on a scale of 1 to 10 AND SET A NEW DATE!