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Zen Cup

green teacup

Making the most of mentoring requires the mentee to admit there is more to learn, skills to attain, ways to improve.

Successful mentees need to be open to the experience, even if or perhaps especially if, it becomes challenging.  Just remember this little anecdote:

Once upon a time a successful man went to a Zen master and announced he had come to learn all about Zen.

The master invited the man to be seated and to have a cup of tea.  As the master poured the tea, it overflowed.  “Stop! Stop!” cried the man.  “It’s spilling! It’s spilling.”  “Precisely,” said the master. “You came with a full cup.  How can I give you anything?  Unless you come with emptiness, I can give you nothing.”

If  you persist in lifelong learning, you will have many mentors.  But you must let them pour into your cup…..