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Dictionaries define trust as allowing someone to do something without fear of the outcome, or a firm reliance on integrity, ability or character.

SupportingTrust is essential to the mentoring relationship. But how do we get there?
Both Mentors and Mentees can ask this of one another: Can I trust your information? Your judgement?
Your commitment to follow through? Your intentions toward me?
And ask yourself:
—–is my information current and reliable?
—–do I meet all my commitments?
—–do I pass on new information quickly?
—–do I communicate reasons for my decisions?
—–do I commit to actions with full effort?
—–do I avoid hidden agenda issues by revealing personal interest upfront?
—–do I keep confidences?
—–do I trust others?
Like everything else, trust is a process. We hope these tips help build trust between mentoring pairs.