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GlueIn the mentoring relationship, just as in most effective human relationships, trust is the glue that cements success.

Yes, life is fluid and composed of moving parts, but here are few ways to generate and maintain the essential bond of trust, despite life’s inevitable surprises:

—Make sure information you pass on is recent and reliable.

—Genuinely aim to meet all of your commitments.

—When you get information that changes previous understandings, let your mentoring partner know at once.

—Share reasons for your decisions along with the decision.

—Don’t commit to deliver something if you can’t give it your best effort.

—Keep confidences! If you can’t, say why.

—Avoid hidden agendas. Reveal any personal interests upfront.

—Share the likely impact of decisions being considered.

—Trust is a two-way bond. Mentors and Mentees can be un-stoppable, when they “stick” to trust principles!