What If You Didn’t Have a Mentor?

Webpic6Imagine that you want to move up to a more rewarding but challenging position. Or enhance your visibility and reputation in an  organization. Or make a lateral move that requires skills you don’t have right now. Or change careers altogether. Or begin a career. Or choose between different and competing options?

Having someone who is not your boss and who really wants you to succeed in life can be SO helpful.

Without such a person in your corner, it is harder to build up your skill kit; polish your resume; test your ideas; anticipate changes in a particular industry; or take advantage of experience-based listening and guidance. Life without a genuine mentor is definitely more difficult.

At the same time, life WITH a good mentor can speed your progress; uncover talents you were not aware you possessed; answer questions that can clarify your thinking and action steps; develop your creativity and confidence in problem-prevention and problem-solving; and affirm you as a person interested in life-long learning and positive growth.

Why wouldn’t EVERYONE seek out a few good mentors along the way?  Whether the mentoring is formal or informal, life with a mentor has a great deal to recommend it!

About Mentoring Moments

Perrrone-Ambrose Associates specializes in assisting organizations of all sizes and missions to provide mentoring to their employees at every level. We accomplish this by creating mentoring systems and training strategies and programs for mentors and their mentees in establishing helping relationships. We started this blog with objective of sharing what we continue to discover about the mentoring process and by providing a clearinghouse for sharing our readers' experiences in the world of mentoring.

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