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Double loop learning is moving beyond simple problem-solving to examine patterns of behavior, trends and root causes of issues.

It means being aware of how one’s own behavior impacts end experiences.

In the best learning partnerships, mentors help mentees examine how their own actions, habits and thoughts can contribute to the problems at hand or get in the way of desired results.

In good mentoring relationships, mentees aren’t being evaluated or judged–and that’s a key reason why focusing on double loop learning is much easier with a mentor then with a manager.

But mentees have to have the courage and strength to look at how their own actions may contribute to their own problems.
Capturing learning through self-reflection is a trait typical of successful people. In order to learn from one’s experiences at the deepest level, a person’s got to be able to look at how he or she contributes to results in an objective and open manner–and resolve to grow forward.