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Everybody benefits from developing the personal gift of resilience.

Most likely, successful mentors have already developed this skill, in order to survive and thrive in a variety of workplaces.

Mentees may need encouragement from their mentors to highly value this life skill:
——Resilient people respond to disappointment or a lack of success by learning more about what went wrong and how to do things differently next time around.
——Resilient people take responsibility for their part in work that doesn’t go well.
——Resilient people push themselves to take on new responsibilities and or situations they believe will help them develop new skills or improve skills they already have.
——Resilient people are not self-defensive and they don’t blame somebody else when they get negative feedback.
——And resilient people do the very things they fear, in order to reach new levels of personal growth. They are like bouncing balls, gaining energy and going for a new personal best.