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SupportingHow do you know if the mentor assigned to you or the one you choose is really supporting you?

You might ask 4 questions:  Does your mentor listen?  Demonstrate empathy? Share feedback?  Review take-aways from new learning with you?

The listening skills of a really fine mentor go beyond fact-checking; beyond judging, beyond problem-solving and are exercised beyond the mentor’s own internal chatter. A truly attentive mentor is good at observing non-verbals; expressing understanding; providing empathy and exercising “other-person” focus.

And then, is your mentor asking, “What do you need from me?’ “What are you ready to take on?”  Does your mentor share learnings that worked in a somewhat similar situation?  Does your mentor ask you to identify specific goals with real-time starting dates and possible related deadlines?

These are some of the hallmarks of solid mentors who are engaged in the growing process along with the mentees.  So what’s your experience?   Let us hear a great mentor story from you!